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Every year it seems more and more people are making New Year resolutions. Eating healthier. Exercising More. Shopping less. Spending more time with family. Sound familiar? Did you make one? What about doing something to better your health and quality of life? What about saying goodbye to some of the struggles in your life and making the decision to move into a Senior Living Community?

There are many people probably thinking after that question, “Why would I move into a Senior Living Community? I’m still able to take care of myself.”


Moving into a Senior Living Community does not mean you need help with the daily tasks of life. In fact, it essentially means the opposite. An Independent Living Community is an atmosphere that strives to keep seniors active and independent for as long as possible so they can enjoy life instead of worrying about that yard work that needs to be taken care of or calling that repair company to fix the sink for the third time this year.

According to A Place for Mom, the following reasons are why seniors prefer a senior living community.

  1. No Stress Yard Work and Home Maintenance
  2. Vanquishing Boredom
  3. Improved Family Relationships
  4. Better Food
  5. An End to Stressful Driving
  6. Feeling Like Myself Again
  7. Making New Friends
  8. Finally Feeling Safe

Can you relate to any of these reasons?

Moving from a house that you have turned into a home over the past several years or even decades is a decision that will bring many emotions to you, which is completely normal.

Helpguide.org has provided a list of questions to ask yourself to help determine if a Senior Living Community may be the right fit for you.

1) How easy is it for me to maintain my current home?
It could be that your backyard needs too much maintenance or it’s becoming difficult to keep those extra unoccupied rooms cleaned. Are the stairs becoming more difficult day after day?

2) Is it difficult for me to connect with friends and family?
Maybe your home is making it more difficult to allow you to come and go as easily as you’d like, which is leading to more isolation. Isolation can greater your risk for depression and mental health problems.

3) How easy is it for me to get around?
If you are finding yourself less comfortable with driving, you may find that you are relying on family and friends to get you around. It may hard to attend activities that you enjoy or even keep doctor’s appointments.

4) How is my health (and the health of my spouse)?
Your current and future health and well-being; as well as the health of your spouse, is ultimately the most important fact to consider.

Every year, one way or another everyone is trying to become a better “me”. Ultimately, that is my goal as well. I am trying to become a better “me” by helping you become a better YOU.