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Lakeshore Sales and Leasing Specialist AnnAnn has been working in the Health Care field for the better part of her life. Growing up in Canada, her parents owned and operated two small group Homes for Seniors’. Naturally, this meant she spent a large majority of her time after school and summer in the senior living environment. After graduating college, Ann continued working at and operating one of the Homes for several years.

Shortly after meeting her husband, they made the move to Texas where she became an Activities Director for a small nursing home. From there, she moved to the corporate office until her husband’s job found them moving to Michigan. After moving to Michigan, Ann and her husband had two children, who are now grown.

As a working mom, Ann found the Merchandising Field appealing due to its flexibility with little children at home. Once her children were grown, she missed working with seniors and the interactions with them. After some regrouping, she found herself back in the Senior Health Care field working in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.

Today, Ann says she finds herself right where she feels she belongs, Lakeshore Senior Living. She is beyond thrilled to be able to assist seniors in the next and exciting phase of their life. She is thankful for the wonderful opportunity to meet all these amazing people and share this experience with them!

Every year it seems more and more people are making New Year resolutions. Eating healthier. Exercising More. Shopping less. Spending more time with family. Sound familiar? Did you make one? What about doing something to better your health and quality of life? What about saying goodbye to some of the struggles in your life and making the decision to move into a Senior Living Community?

There are many people probably thinking after that question, “Why would I move into a Senior Living Community? I’m still able to take care of myself.”

“Vee Eye See Tee Oh Are Why”* is that your Village’s battle cry? If you’re having a challenge deciphering the battle cry, try reading it again but this time read it out loud. So, is it your Village’s battle cry? Is your Village ready for this year’s Village Victory Cup?

Scheduled for Friday, June 23rd this year’s event is being held at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. At 11:00 am sharp, PVM Villages from across Southeast Michigan will gather together at this location to compete for the coveted Village Victory Cup travelling trophy.

Rachel NagorsenAs I approach 30 years old, I have spent 14 of those years working with seniors in the health care industry. Growing up I had a dream to become a lead anchor on the local news. Little did I know at the time that my part-time high school job as a dietary aide would play such a factor in my life.

I graduated from Oakland University with a major in Journalism and minor in Communications. I was lucky enough my senior year to have an internship with WDIV Channel 4’s Investigative Reporting Unit. As graduation came and applying for jobs that would essentially lead to my career started happening, my mind was brought back to jobs I had all throughout my schooling. It wasn’t long before I realized that my passion was not truly in the broadcasting field; it was with the seniors I worked with over the past several years.

After working as a dietary aide for 9 years, I spent some time working at a family owned medical supply company. From there I became part of a national health care company and worked within their skilled nursing facilities’ Admissions Department for 4 years.  I have been blessed to work with seniors in many different aspects and times in their life.

This past December I became part of Lakeshore Senior Living’s team and could not be more thrilled. I am blessed to be able to combine my passion of journalism and communication with my love for seniors. I believe as a “sales person” it is not just my job to sell apartments, but to be a resource for others and make you comfortable with this decision. I’m not selling “apartments”; I am here to offer you a life that will provide you with comfort, joy, and most importantly new friendships. These walls are being built to house a family full of laughter and love and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

I have said for many years that for every dollar you make there are thousands of swindlers lining up to steal it from you! If only people used their cleverness for good, the world would be a better place. However, since that is not likely to happen, we need to protect ourselves and out-maneuver these scoundrels. Here are some of the latest issues and what to do about them:

CAN YOU HEAR ME? - In this gambit, when you answer the phone a voice on the other end will ask: “Can you hear me?” Do not answer.

In December I introduced you to MESH, which is an acronym that stands for Move, Eat, Sleep, Heal. It was coined by renowned geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas and is what he considers to be the key to healthy aging. This month I will focus on the last letter: “H” (Heal).

Contrary to what he was taught to believe in medical school, Dr. Thomas’ vast experience working with older adults has led him to conclude that healing does not come from doctors, rather it comes from patients themselves.

With the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday I have been thinking about the importance of heritage and legacy. Creating this sense of belonging in a family is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and also to our children and grandchildren. My parents were officers in their local genealogy organization for thirty years. The members called my dad “Mr. Perfect” since he had perfect audits for his entire tenure. They took great pleasure in tracing not only their own roots but also in helping many others to find theirs.