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How exciting it is to report that a major magazine is echoing my message of many years. The term anti-aging is out, and the notion of aging well is in! Allure Magazine has announced in its latest issue that they are making a resolution to stop using the term anti-aging. They state, "changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging."

I have said that embracing aging is the way to go.

Lakeshore Senior Living kicked off this summer season with their Annual Summer Fest to engage the community and current depositors! With model apartments available to tour, over 100 guests attended the Summer Fest June 22nd to enjoy music, food and to see what this new senior community is all about.

The Lakeshore team is enjoying all the excitement from the community alongside the current depositors. Currently, there are wait lists for two-bedroom lake view apartments and patio apartments.

The unique part about joining Lakeshore at the beginning is the opportunity to review the floor plan of the entire building and decide where you want your apartment to be. Have you always dreamed of seeing the lake as you sip your morning coffee? Or maybe you’ve loved baseball since you were a young child? With lake views from our second and third floor along with views of the baseball diamonds out back, our community allows your dream to become reality.

“It’s so exciting for us to see how excited our depositors are,” says Ann Campbell, Sales and Leasing Specialist at Lakeshore Senior Living. “At the event they were measuring areas within the models and talking about what color furniture they’d like to bring!”

The Lakeshore Team has one goal in their minds and hearts and that is to give the seniors moving in the best experience they possibly can. “We truly try to encourage seniors that moving into a senior living community does not mean we are taking your independence away,” says Campbell, “We want to add to your life by giving you resources and amenities within walking distance from your front door!”

With 118 independent living apartments and 22 licensed memory care units, Lakeshore has a growing list of future occupants. With Presbyterian Villages of Michigan a part of this project, the team is working together to bring wellness and excitement to the seniors next stepping stone in life!

Lakeshore Senior Living offers tours of a one-bedroom and two-bedroom model apartment Monday- Saturday. LSL is located at 28801 Jefferson Ave. (586) 218-6228. Walk-Ins Welcome.

How do you spell dynasty? I am beginning to think it’s W-E-S-T-L-A-N-D. On Friday, June 23rd, for the second straight year and fourth time in six years the Stars from the Village of Westland won the Village Victory Cup. When asked what the secret is to their winning ways, they replied it’s “the 2 p’s – practice and participation. We participate in every event with the maximum number of allowable participants and we begin practicing weeks in advance.

In 2001, Gail Heimberg says she had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. Her 88-year-old mother-a sharp, independent woman who had lived alone in Brooklyn,  New York, for most of the latter part of her life-was quickly growing frail. While she used to walk from her home to the neighborhood bakery with ease, navigating the stairs of her circa-1920 apartment building had become a daily battle. “She couldn’t walk very well,” remembers Heimberg. “And her emphysema had worsened.”

Heimberg knew the discussion she needed to have with her mother, yet like many adult children who were thinking of moving elderly parents, the three words “assisted living facility” seemed foreign, cold, and impossible to utter.

This month we have a special guest columnist, Victoria Macioce-Stumpf. Victoria is a student at Oakland University in their Wellness, Health Promotion, & Injury Prevention program who is interning with PVM.

As a person ages, they may begin to notice gradual changes in their memory, how they process things or even their ability to perform certain tasks. While most changes may be age-related, it is important to determine if there are any signs or symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease.

Lakeshore Sales and Leasing Specialist AnnAnn has been working in the Health Care field for the better part of her life. Growing up in Canada, her parents owned and operated two small group Homes for Seniors’. Naturally, this meant she spent a large majority of her time after school and summer in the senior living environment. After graduating college, Ann continued working at and operating one of the Homes for several years.

Shortly after meeting her husband, they made the move to Texas where she became an Activities Director for a small nursing home. From there, she moved to the corporate office until her husband’s job found them moving to Michigan. After moving to Michigan, Ann and her husband had two children, who are now grown.

As a working mom, Ann found the Merchandising Field appealing due to its flexibility with little children at home. Once her children were grown, she missed working with seniors and the interactions with them. After some regrouping, she found herself back in the Senior Health Care field working in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.

Today, Ann says she finds herself right where she feels she belongs, Lakeshore Senior Living. She is beyond thrilled to be able to assist seniors in the next and exciting phase of their life. She is thankful for the wonderful opportunity to meet all these amazing people and share this experience with them!

Every year it seems more and more people are making New Year resolutions. Eating healthier. Exercising More. Shopping less. Spending more time with family. Sound familiar? Did you make one? What about doing something to better your health and quality of life? What about saying goodbye to some of the struggles in your life and making the decision to move into a Senior Living Community?

There are many people probably thinking after that question, “Why would I move into a Senior Living Community? I’m still able to take care of myself.”